Sister Roots calls an Emergency Love Meeting

I want to make something clear:
Sister Roots is not a quick fix to life.
Sister Roots is not a means to run away from pain.
Sister Roots is not just a workshop.

After two rounds and a third on the way, Sister Roots is developing into something much grander than solely women's work.

Sister Roots is a commitment to community care.
Sister Roots is a safe place to air out the things you've never said to anyone before.
Sister Roots is a creative space to remind you that YOU ARE BORN TO MAKE THINGS AND ADD THEM TO THE WORLD.

With everything boiling to the surface in this country, I felt like exploding. I had been house sitting in Marin for two weeks to kick off July. I had it all planned out. I would disconnect from everyone and everything and just relax. Collect all the ideas bubbling up from the first two rounds of Sister Roots and create structure for where we are going. Leave it to the universe to remind me that I don't control anything aside from how I respond to situations that arise. One killing, two killings, three killings, four! Five killings, six killings, seven killings, more!

And down I went.

Tears came on rolling waves, crashing down the walls I had placed to keep calm.

I was left alone, in a place foreign to me, with no one around that I knew. I thought about how disappointed I was in this country, in our people, in people I love dearly. I racked my brain trying to figure out how this wasn't rattling everyone to the core enough to speak about. My newsfeed carried on as usual and I pleaded to the skies, please, please, someone find me and say this sucks, this is not acceptable, let's create action steps.

A little while longer spent in victim mode until I remembered, Sister Roots. Sister Roots. Family. Love. Reach for them now. Right now! 

We gathered around last Thursday, hours after the attack on Nice, and released what we had been holding onto, what I imagine we are all, holding onto. We discussed white privilege out loud and unpacked our invisible backpacks of the hand-outs we've been given in life, without ever having to ask.

We watched Royce Mann, age 14, throw down the courage and listened to Steve Harvey tell us personal stories of what raising his children was like.

I shared with them that black is beautiful and that this can't be something we "feel for" but instead, we do something about. That we make it our injustice. Until you take ownership for how you show up in this world and what influences that, we stagnate. Look at us! Our law system is unlawful and we rely on it to tell us what to do. We don't band together. We are terrified. We are sheep who need to be told what to do. ENOUGH!

This is important for me to share because I have no more "pretending" in me.

Sister Roots is community in action and we will continue to build something that shows this prideful-imbalanced-selfish-unaware country what really matters. LOVE REALLY MATTERS AND LOVING IS HARD. If you never received unconditional love, it speaks a language you can't understand. You are afraid and your fear rules every decision. Every lock on your door, gun in the drawer, heart concealed from the world. Illusions of safety. Come out!

It is hard to love your neighbor. Why do you think no one knows how to do it? And I don't accept it. I don't accept this crap. This form of conditional love. Only if this, then I will this. It is time to stand together and make shifts. This is where we are headed. Stormy weather but together.

Every time Sister Roots thinks they need me, I discover how much I need them. My depletion, exhaustion and hopelessness transformed by creating action with my sisters, walking toward justice. If you want to join, come. Come. We are taking baby steps. And here, you will belong.