Commit yourself to true openness.
Walk into every situation in life with an open heart.
Be curious rather than comparative.

Recognize how limited your personal narrative is.
Have you been holding onto this one tragic story your whole life?
Is it keeping you from deeper experiences?

Are you a victim of your own fear?

These are some of the things that slide in and out of my brain on a prrreeettttttty regular basis.

The coolest part about being open, truly open (this is hard), is that everything that comes your way is a gift. Even the really painful, how-is-this-happening kind of things, have something to teach. We are a mixture of learners and lesson givers, constantly swapping roles. Sent here as messengers to carry on wisdom, constructs and ideals for a full life. Add our ego aka sense of separate self to the mix and it gets messy.

The further you dive inward, the darker it becomes. You are surrounded by masses of depth and open space and there's no one else to tell you where to go, no one to lead the way but you. No instruction manual to get it right or wrong. Voyage into the unknown is all that is asked of you here.

While looking inside of yourself you'll be presented with two gripping emotions:
1. I contain so many things it's crazy awesome
2. I contain so many things it's crazy scary

Rightfully so. Your whole life, post-womb-emergence, has capitalized on the need for external gaze. Makes sense. We have to see most of what we do day-to-day and mimic it, to perform it on our own. We call our children "mini me's" turning them into a badge on our chest, instead of the person they are meant to become. Our lost dreams and fears of safety turn them into someone who no longer knows who they are AND does not trust themselves.

How would you know to trust yourself when no one around you gave you enough space to figure it out? Enough faith to let go of control and fuel discovery and exploration?

No. We panic, our egos lead the way, and we create minions of who we wish we could of been. No trust, no unconditional love, no acceptance of what is.

Pop them into school, put MASSIVE amounts of pressure on them for never being enough and then once they are out of college, they'll become the best slaves.

Slaves you say?!

Yes. Modern day slavery is alive and well and it lives mentally and thrives on your set of conditions. On your rules. The system is very happy that you need them to tell you what to do. This keeps you under their control but alludes you to believe you have the control. Sneaky, sneaky. Enough porn, alcohol and painful relationships to numb you, locking up the chains on your ankles tied to that desk.

It's tough the way they set us up to grow. How to explore when the child that does so at the restaurant is seen as a barbarian? Touching everything. Smiling at everyone. Lock them down! I see angry glances say. Don't they know we have manners out in public. Out in public we "pretend" and are asked to be on our best behavior. Never an invitation to express and feel the things. So, here we are. Babies in adult bodies condemning what's most natural within us and squeezing into the boxes they want to keep us in.

If you want to get out, it's up to you. You must decide to be brave and to figure it out. When we look within and start digging, many, many things will arise. And while we travel down, an expansion takes place. Like the roots of a tree, reaching deeper into the soil, spreading far and wide.

You, like the tree, must look to your roots. How deep they are, how expansive they are, how much lives there, within you, tangled among the roots.

Dig deep, be brave and remember, once we take root, we are invited to RISE.