Recognize the ways in which you meet obstacles with harshness.

Experiment with being soft when your impulse is to be hard,

generous when your impulse is to be withholding,

open when your impulse is to close up or shut down emotionally.

When there is grief or sadness, try letting it be here.

Allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling.

Notice any labels you attach to crying or feeling vulnerable.

Let go of labels.

Just feel what you are feeling,

all the while cultivating moment-to-moment awareness,

riding the waves of "up" and "down,"

"good" and "bad,"

"weak" and "strong,"

until you see that they are all inadequate to fully describe your experience.

Be with the experience itself.

Trust in your deepest strength of all: to be present, to be wakeful. 

- Jon Kabat-Zinn