Official Business: The Sacred Space

When I first launched my website in October of 2015 I wanted to convey who I was to the public right away. Too much possible misinterpretation to rely solely on my written words so I popped up my lap top screen, created a Vimeo account and spoke an initial greeting, from me to you, with my intentions. Not the highest quality, not in a planned environment and worse, in my bedroom (this is breaking all the rules in the PR/AD world.)

When we first start anything, we are usually racked with anxiousness, excitement, long listed silent fears, etc. You won't have room to make it perfect and you will learn as you go that perfection was a myth all along (thank goodness you just began.)

Online, in this day and age, everyone does a good enough job painting a pretty picture. At capturing something, putting it through a filter and posting for public eyes. I began to realize as I attended more workshops and training intensives that in real life everyone wasn't so good at conveying their message. 100K followers, sure. On the ground root work? Eventually. "Boy do we have it backwards," I thought.

I wanted to start this thing my way, my flavor, my beliefs coming through.

Coming up on one year as the creator of my business, Sister Roots, I have gathered my footing and gained perspective on what it really means to be an entrepreneur (more on this in another post.) What I found out over the year, after holding 16 evening workshops through the 8 week series and 5-8 momentary pop-up events, is that what you discover in the process about yourself and the work is why you do it at all.

Transformation is the name of the game. Not Benjamin. Not Jesus. Not Mary Jane.

Content is king and queen and all other quality characters. Without it, there is no point in pushing a message.

Transparency is what I believe in most and so, I welcome you into my most sacred space of solitude, soul work, spirit exploration and hands-on participation.