Stinky, tear jerking, layered, and delicious when cooked with almost anything, onions.

We are like the onion.

As you peel back the layers, the potency, the juice, the aroma, becomes richer and richer.

The response becomes more and more visceral the deeper we go.

We might cry, we might make others around us cry, because of what we express.

But, at its core, the onion is still the onion, as it's been all along.

The removing of the layers and getting to the center of it simply allows for full use.

At the end of this rodeo, I imagine I'd want to feel like I sought out every long winded, spiraling, unpaved path. That I gave all the passion inside of me a chance to come out and play.

What might it be like if we all looked for what was given to us so that we could give it away?