Make Contact

You know the scene in The Wolf of Wall Street where DiCaprio and McConaughey joyously beat their chests with their fists, deeply humming in tune?

Did that scene feel as good to you as it did for me?

Before leading workshops or teaching yoga classes, while prepping for talks or first time meetings, I am sometimes greeted by waves of nerves, a depletion of energy, or a frazzled nature pulling me in every direction. A time where my mind is sprinting to win the race but my body is unaware of its legs and how to make them work.

It's times like these that I pull out the "We Ready" football chant from my memory and rock out in a cappella. Cruising from the place I am to the place I want to be, I must include my body. I must invite all of me to the party. Slapping down onto my thighs, pulsing fist-to-chest, riling up my mood with weirdish bursts of sound. All of these physical cues, mind-to-body and body-to-mind, simultaneously provoke the whole me to come to the moment. I come alive.

Did I start out being comfortable with all this body and sound collaboration? Of course not. I never saw it happening around me and society tells me that what I'm doing isn't normal. But I have decided that while I am here I want to make contact with my life and I have realized the greatest tool to access that is my own flesh.

I saw the movie Sing tonight and one of the characters is a porcupine named Ash *voiced by Scarlett Johansson, melt* who would bring her hand to her chest repeatedly before going on stage to perform.

Anyone performing for an audience must become aware of how they show up and that the space they fill influences who's around.

We're all on display, being observed and picked apart by audiences around us. You don't have to be on set to feel the eyes on you.

When your mind gets convoluted, running faster than your whole self can keep up, sing a tune out loud, make a noise, involve your body into it, engage your own touch.

2017, let's make contact. Let's make it real. Let's make it beautiful.