Hear Our Voice

As human beings, we enter this world as fascinating microcosms. Our bodies multitudes of possibility and creativity. Our hearts and their essence, capable of transforming a globe.

We spend so much time worried about external differences and inferiority that we are missing the point completely. Many waste their thought space, spoken word and newsfeed on trivial things because we are unable to sit within ourselves and our vastness.

We have to show ourselves and eachother what we believe in every day we wake up by how we live our lives.

Who do you stand up for?
Does your compassion include yourself?
Does your compassion include all black lives and every black family?
What about muslims?
Women who get abortions?
What about those aging in disgrace rather than wisdom and honor?
What about LGBTQ folks?

This list could continue on for ages because there are about as many exterior appearances as there are internal realities and ALL ARE VALID. ALL ARE REAL. ALL ARE WORTHY OF LOVE, RESPECT, SAFETY AND SUPPORT.

Today was the starting point I needed, to show me that, truly, there are more people out there that respect and honor women for all that they are, all that they do and all they will become.

Growing up in an all female household, women solidarity spews from my veins. If I *get* to spend the rest of my life *seeing* and hanging with ALL KINDS OF WOMEN and shining light on their strengths, amplifying their glow and commanding their dignity, I will have lived the life I always hoped and dreamed of.

Today showed me that. The dream I've always had is the one I want to spend every day of my life, building and celebrating, redesigning and shaping, bolding and underlining.

How beautiful it is to be woman.