I was doing a journaling activity the other day and was asked, what are the biggest life crises you've experienced?

The cool thing about asking questions over and over, and becoming more and more informed, is that you start to pay attention to what comes up as the days pass after asking yourself the question.

It isn't so much that you know, by memorization or prior study, what your response will be when you ask but that you're curious in the discovery process that will follow.

You start unconsciously to pick up clues.

I remembered the car accident when I drove by the street that it happened on. The time a bike slammed into the side of my mom's car, me in the passenger's seat. The time my sister was drowning in Almaden Lake.

I began reflecting on these crises of mine and noticing a pattern.

They came in an instant and they left just as quick.

BAM! Everything's different now. Just like that. In the matter of a moment or two or a few, everything can change and is changing.

We gain a lot of beauty throughout our days, indefinite of the pain and sorrow we also receive.

I am constantly being gifted with experiences that break my heart open to deeper understandings and better ways to be in the world. Better conversations, deeper feelings, good sounds and tastes, honesty's tongue. It's amazing.

Sister Roots celebrated turning one yesterday, January 28, 2017, and at the same time executive orders were sending our country into great upheaval. Not to mention, the social media trauma we all now experience as newer phenomena.

We headed to the most awe-inspiring landscape and hung out with birds and the crashing ocean waves. We shared a picnic, cliff side, and watched birds glide by. We talked about our community and why it's so important to show up for each other.

A moment offers an opportunity to open further and see more, or to shy away and hide.

How do you want to live? How do you want to respond to your moment? How do you want your moments to look over the long arc of your life?