Us and Them

They (who's they) really want us to believe that we don't have time to do this stuff. To sit and sip tea. To fill the house with candles and put on your favorite early morning CD. Setting the space, the tone, the bar for the day. How do you want to integrate and move through the day? Start here. Like this. By fireside, candle light, rain out your window. Write what you feel, wrong or right doesn't skew what is true to come out of you. Rhyme if you like, draw a picture, play your go-to beat, lend your ears to listen. Notice the sound and tiny miniatures. Every space you enter, indoor or out, has multitudes of flavors, depth and stories to tell. Particles of dust. A tiny spec contains so much. Us all. Profound to be found here in a place like this. Lost then found. Between the two with no where to go and everywhere to be simply by sitting here deep inside me.