Our 4th Year

4 years ago after a trip to the snow Andre asked me to be his girlfriend.

When I met Andre I was 21, close to being 22. He was 23, close to being 24.

We met at a rap concert at Shoreline, though both recall bumping into one another in the halls at SJSU. In a flash he passed me by and I could not know then what was coming my way.

The beginning was easy and adventurous and fleeting. I don't remember thinking so much about how to be with him or why, just that we were.

After our first year together I got deeply into yoga and somewhere along the line became vegan. A year later, vegan-ish and then maybe another 6 months to a year after, dropped the rules I very much did not need, all together. This whirlwind of diving deep into my own body, its health, its boundaries, its spaciousness, was becoming my favorite journey. I could not wait to get on the mat day after day.

Then I was greeted by an overwhelming sensation tugging at me to leave the United States. "Go! 3 months! You've got to go do this." My bold and competent do-it-myself nature loved the idea. Would Andre leave his job and come with? Would he come at all?

My final two weeks in Asia were spent with him and I will never forget the 3 AM call I received from the lobby downstairs letting me know he had arrived. My heart pounding, my legs freshly shaved. *Knock, knock* I opened the door and tears could not stop streaming down my face.

Then I launched Sister Roots and became infatuated with what I was creating, what the community was building and how I could see this impacting the humans around me at large. There was data and results and outcomes to see and hear and feel.

Four years together and many me's in-between, I can't count the amount of times I've said "We're so different. We live so differently and see and move through the world in our very own ways." This scared me. This made our work as a team challenging on a regular basis from the beginning.

The more I learn about showing up for who you love, again and again, I am realizing patterns. The romance will soar in and out, the fights will burst and settle, the growth and evolution of who you are alone and who you are together will be indefinite. The skill then, is how to keep seeing your partner as they morph and being okay with being where you are, as you morph.

Andre, there is no greater mirror, no larger safety net, no louder supporter, than you.

For every me there's been a you cheering me on.

I have been given a gift from the moment I met you and though I may not always see it, my heart can feel it.

I love you.