The Humanity

We are half light, half dark, one whole.

Mixes of every kind of combination from pencil led to charcoal pieces.

Our shades depict shapes that shift from one figure to the next.
Who might we become?
Who are we already?

By being here, living and breathing, we walk, stumble and climb through both the dark and the light that lives within us.

No one else can do the trek for you.

This seems to be the piece that's hard to get.

We think we can buy the right books, take enough schooling, believe the right thing and that in doing so, we will be granted some outcome, some destination of promise.

The gaping realities of existence are vast and as profound as it is to be surrounded by pure darkness with no one else around, is the feeling of tremendous inspiration, floating up high on a bright cloud.

The beautiful part about this truth is that it binds us to each other.
No one comes in without mountain terrain up ahead.
No one goes out without a song to sing.

Simply look with your own eyes,
taste with your own tongue,
touch with your own hands,
hear with your own ears,
and feel with your own heart.

While we are here, that is all we must do.