Warm Memories

Over the last year I've developed an entirely new relationship with music and albums. I've always enjoyed a good song and burning CDs to blast throughout high school days but quiet and very personal experiences with music are new to me. I was given a whole bunch of incredible music and at the time I was hanging out alone for most of my days and nights. Either in the sunshine on weekdays in the backyard or in my bedroom in the evenings with the twinkling lights on. My bed is somewhat of a cloud. White sheets, white comforter(s), white pillows. When I crawl in, especially newly washed and made layers, I find myself sinking into the softness. Enter my ear buds (thank you Beats by Dre) and slip away into oceans of sound and song. I was alone and comfortable and open, ready to deeply listen and experience.

I've become rather hooked on my playlist, or album, rituals and when I share music with you, it is with the hopes that it might speak to you in ways. I share it with you in hopes that you will enter someplace that's new and personal to drop in and receive. Try it? vvv

time will be our feet