In Betweens

For human beings, living on Earth presents the reality of having a flesh body to carry us around. It has become clear through various life experiences that we aren't operating from solely one place of reason. We are beings that stretch down and up, far and wide, forward and backward. We make multi directional movements on a regular basis without thinking much about it. We have conversations with people that literally warm our hearts moments after first meeting. We think something, say another and often times, feel something completely different, deep down.

The surface talk of our lives, settling for mediocre days filled with taking advantage and dis empowering your competitors is a product of underdeveloped whole-ness in the human experience. When you only operate from your mental capacities, your brain and it's hardware, you completely cut off the ability to empathize and seek understanding for another. Instead, the drive to make an equation out of it, put a number to a face, and keep the money flowing is preferred. We have settled for lame conversations and pretending filled past times at the expense of our joy.

When you are unaware of all the capacities a human being posseses, you do a disservice to the status quo by assuming you represent it. You continue language of the mind, directed at wallets, centered around fear, to freeze, not just our warm hearts, but your own. The American Dream media stories and product lines, prison systems and community building, created a level of selfish dream creation at the expense of surrounding lives. This benefited one group greatly, white people, white straight christian males at the top of this pyramid. When a man believes he is God and another human being is less than, below him, deserving of a lesser opportunity at Life, then this man has never looked at himself long enough to see His own whole-ness, recognizing it is everyone's to fulfill.

Attainment of liberation, of seeking out any dream, is not selected and reserved for the few. Building political, educational, and institutional systems that dictate that exact message does a disservice to the entire Globe.

We are human beings. Black, white, brown, freckled, hairy, bony, living and breathing human beings. We are all the in betweens. The products of two people creating another, something that would never happen in this particular combination, again. We are all asked to recognize who we are, for only then can we share in delight with another, absent of greed and anger, simply by spending time together.

"We know that the seed of discrimination lies in all of us. I have been shouted at by all kinds of people of all different shades of color. The oppressed and the oppressors lie within each one of us, and our practice is to attain the wisdom of nondiscrimination. When people call us African American, we should answer, "Yes." When they call us African, we answer, "Yes," and when they call us American, we also answer, "Yes." And when they call the names of those who are discriminating against others, we also answer, "Yes." All of them are us. Within each of us is both the victim of discrimination and the one who discriminates."

We live in bodies that enter in and out of a variety of experiences. With the crafting of the American Dream and the societal creations following suit, we work more than anything else and find ourselves straddling the line between our private spheres of life and our public spheres of life. For most of us, they are completely different lives, people and realities. What you choose to share and why, what you absolutely cannot say, and what you want to avoid, don't line up the professional and the personal you. This can feel like a tearing apart, a living in two separate worlds, unaware of a true center.

We learn to live split lives, keeping the secrets of shame for ourselves, in our private cellars, never to be seen in the light. If it was seen, aired! even, we would be devastated. We might lose our jobs, our friends, our smooth meal conversations with family members. We create a war inside our body when we hide pieces of who we are from the world.

We are the output of this created world. A world that creates business, TV stations, food monopolies, and beyond, to treat you as small. To read you as a purely logical creature and to sell directly to the points of weakness they spent thousands of dollars on to find out. We are the output of this created world. A world that focused conversation on violence, impatience and greed. For me, for me, for me. Mine. Mine. Mine.

As a majority, we have lost the understanding of how deeply social human beings are, and how absolutely dependent we are on the species, as a whole, to thrive. Not just the security of white people but the engagement of all people and the world we inhabit. If you only live in the mind, cut off from your bodily sensations, numbing realities and removed from the heart, you are missing the most important parts of the conversation.

We are the lost brothers and sisters, unlearning the domination model to move through the world and instead, discovering a bottom up, everyone's included, we rise together model.

Don't allow the surface conversations, the mind games, the hurt and fearful faces to keep you from believing how magnificent and bright of a star you are. You are magic and that is how we fill all the books with story tales. They are about you. Discovering who you are and what lives inside of you. These days are about you, the people.