My sister is downstairs cuddled with Marley watching Boyhood and I can feel the warmth inside my body as I work upstairs just thinking about it.

24 hours ago I had no idea that today, this moment, and the moments to follow, would look like this.

And that's how it always goes, doesn't it?

At any moment, everything can change.

Yesterday I was moved to tears and mentally in shock when I looked up from my work while at the coffee shop to see her face, standing right in front of me.

Her surprise visit had been held within the hearts of everyone around me and I didn't have a clue.

Over the last two years my days haven't really had structure or repetition aside from my morning centering practices and yoga in some form. That leaves me in large spaces of the unknown quite often and disruptions happen on a weekly basis.

Things like my sister surprise visiting, or a sporadic business meet up, or a day lost in the woods with a notebook and pen, lead me through my days. Some weeks I build up a strong outlook for what's to come and some weeks over 50% of my "plan" is scrapped.

The freedom of living moment to moment and trusting the unfolding, will take you where you are meant to go. Not just in a relaxing quote kind of way but in the way that you meet the business partner you didn't know a year ago, the way your relationship was flipped upside down in ways you could never of foreseen, the way you're handed exactly what you need if you let go of the panic, if you let go of the lie that you control everything, if you let go of harsh lines defining what life is supposed to be like.

There is so much reaching for you, whispering your name, hoping to break through the noise of expectations and insecurity, aiming for your heart.

If you feel something poking at the deepest parts of you, see what happens as you learn to trust listening to it. Follow it wherever it goes. It's meant for you after all...