A few days away from Spring's entrance and every part of my body is beginning to chirp. Little blooms bringing color to the landscapes all around me. A social media hiatus coming to a near close and a whole bunch of rejuvenated me, void of all the noise, is anticipating the shift. The shifts in my body, the shifts in the seasons, the shifts in cycles, constant and reliable, consistently changing.

We're so freaked out by what's most natural within us that we spend most of our time trying to box out and eliminate the truth. We are fleeting, moments are fleeting, relationships the way they are now, fleeting.

We fill our time with material possessions and entertainment to hide from the pain that is neglected you. Consumption based on the illusion of lack is clutter of the whole human. In this place it becomes hard to hear what you are meant to say and speak it aloud. It becomes near impossible to know what's yours and what's projected from someone else or every other media channel. You must find silence. You must stay there. You must sit within the container that is purely you. It is in this place that you will find an unshakable stake in your ground. Reaching from the crown of your head, down the spine, through every vertebrae, gently extending down and out the tail bone and back into the Earth.

When we sit, we become aware, in an unspoken manner, of what reality encompasses for us. The dramas and stories, the narratives and shaming begin to sound off. I'm not sure I believe this about myself anymore. You start to recognize the nature of existing as a human and how vastly complex our systems work to protect us and how you are in the driver's seat here. You are the center of your experiences and it serves the whole wide world when you share the story of you. To find the words, you'll scan pass many that don't seem to be right or true. This apparent inherent lacking doesn't feel like who you really are so you investigate.

Over 2016, facilitating dozens of workshops, I could see, hear and feel the closed door of the heart of those around me. Nope, not coming in here! Not meant for you! How to open the doors? The confusion and discombobulation that will occur when you are cut off from the essential piece of your existence will feel like a remaining ache. Something being off. Everything never being quite enough, including yourself.

I am spending my days creating theories and my favorite one thus far is Heartwork.

Heartwork is the fundamental framework of Sister Roots and as we continue to shape and build this growing community, I am getting more and more clear on what this world is missing and the tools/resources necessary to wake every body up to the magnitude that resides within them.

That's all I want to elaborate for now but damn, it's been a special year. The feelings of sharing something you created, something you really believe in, something extremely sacred to your heart is unlike any journey throughout the various continents I've traveled. This is unlike anything I thought possible. Which is why we cannot solely rely on the mind but instead work with all parts of us, in all ways, together. The heart cannot be exempt from your days. If you find that it is, take a moment to ask yourself, what am I so afraid of that I am willing to remove myself from the most wonderful parts of me?