It's been just over a month since I stepped away to take a break from all my social accounts and tomorrow I am coming back with exciting news.

When taking this time for myself, I was worried that the move I was making was
1. Irresponsible for Sister Roots
2. Too bold
3. Dramatic

I also knew making this move was necessary.

I didn't want to wait any more for the "right time."

I could see incoming shifts and changes for Sister Roots and I could feel the deepest parts of me begging for a moment away, to completely log off and descend.

This month has been consolidating as we continue to lay foundation down.

We are coming close to the celebration ceremony of our third 8 week women's workshop and with Spring arriving tomorrow, we are ready to share with you what we've been working on.

If you're relaxing and have some time to browse, check out what now has a living page, here!!!!!!!

Song of choice while browsing, this one!!!!

I'll be back live tomorrow morning with this exciting share but if you keep coming here to sit with me, to grow with me, to share time and space with me, I would love that you get a sneak peek.

You make my dreams come true.