1:20 PM

Sometimes I wonder if we really (really) understand the commitment to the who I am quest. With its ongoing changes, becomings and tides. There is no quick fix in life. It's just happening and so are we. Events and celebrations and tragedies and challenges and profound realizations. Flying all around, momentous miracles, fleeting, by and by, in every breath, from the chest, fluttered confessions, going on by, treasure's nest.

3:10 PM

Spent the last 15 minutes standing under the umbrella in the backyard while the rain fell. I can still hear subtle pitter patters on the roof. I started to get cold so I came inside. There is something so tempting about being apart of nature's experience. I've always enjoyed the rain, especially now that I dress how I want to all of my days and can go into the weather and stay with it. I don't like the rain when I can't embrace it, like rushing in and out of malls to get things. I do like it when I'm in rain boots and warm-prepared clothing.

I am grateful for rushing water in whatever form. In the shower, from a waterfall, brushing your teeth, floating down a river. Every time I am surrounded by an element of water, I feel at home. And every time I go to a yoga class they remind me that we are mainly fluid, made up of water. In those classes my body is speaking much louder than anything else and I am learning to listen to its movement and watch how easily we shift from one position to the next when practicing staying with it, one whole human in route to harmony. When we think of ourselves as whole from the starting point, we breathe a different breath, we believe different things, we can imagine a more fuller and engaged story. The role play is yours and we want to make sure you agree that your narrative is absolutely true. That whatever cruel things you are saying silently about yourself are in fact, how it is. We have to speak them, give them life, breathe them into color. Then we can recognize the rainbow of humanity in our everyday conversation. Please Lord. I would love to have epic dialogue and experiences everywhere I go. It can happen. It is possible.

The point is the We. The manner is through Me.connected.sidebyside We do the same thing.