Lie Down

I read somewhere that Madonna includes a 30 minute savasana into each day. Savasana is Sanskrit for corpse and the posture itself is lying down completely, releasing everything. We end every yoga class like this to allow for the settling.

When I heard this, I thought I'd give it a try.

I have become aware of my nature to place myself as the experimentee and the personal desire to find out on my own what takes place when we try new things and create new habits that others, our teachers and strangers, mention or point to.

Sometimes I spend the half hour in silence, usually lying on the day bed in my office, and if I'm lucky, it's at the time of day where the sun shines in through the window and warms my face. Sometimes I play music and the combination has been wonderful. No phone allowed or on loud, somewhere I cannot see.

I am resting, I am releasing, I am embracing the still of being with myself, nothing more, nothing less.

Today NPR had an amazing Tiny Desk Concert put on by Sampha. The mixture of afternoon mood, body aches and strumming made for a lovely savasana.

You can listen to that here (highly recommend) if you want a small show.

Maybe lie down for 15 minutes to take it in?