Curing Currents

A little over a year creating content on my website that lives here on my blog and I am noticing a pattern. It is easiest for me to write the way I speak and speaking comes very naturally to me (if you know me, you know this.) My work is to quiet down what I have to say because by now, I have said a lot and am really learning what Sister Roots deepest purpose is, by listening.

I started Curing Currents not quite a year ago and then, it was simply an idea inception. I knew within these two words and marrying them together that I was going to share space, silence and sound with myself and anyone else wanting to listen. The intention of this platform is to practice speaking and sharing my ideas, in my own private spaces, to incite powerful contemplation and conversation.

Some of what I'm saying is silly and light. Some of what I'm saying are heartbreaking truths and most of what I share is based on the common thread of being human.

I created a YouTube account where these videos will live.

And I will from time to time put them up here directly on my blog.

It's been a lot of fun to watch back how some of my ramblings take off and the discoveries I make along the way. Thanks for joining me if you keep visiting this page and hearing what I have to say. That's pretty cool.