With the start of 2017, I set out a few big projects for the company I founded, Sister Roots.

The first was at the end of January, celebrating our first year in business.

The second was in mid February, diving into Sister Root's third 8-Week Women's Workshop Series. This circle gave me many clues to what was working within the workshops well and what needed some shifting. I found that every perceived "dropped ball" or frustration or "failure" was actually a clue, pointing me in the direction of what I was actually after. I am currently drafting what will become Sister Roots: The Workshop.

The third project was the most exciting because Jacque Waters, my partner in crime (10 years+) turned co owner of Sister Roots, ran her first workshop, completely designed and executed by her vision, her dream. Eeee!!!

Take away: I can do life with this woman, up close and far away, no matter what. That discovery was big. For us as friends, for us as business partners, for us as the starting place of what Sister Roots stands for.

Our biggest project yet, our dreamiest dream not yet made reality, came to life this Memorial Day Weekend. Sister Roots celebrated its first ever Women's Retreat, in a place very dear to our hearts, the Santa Cruz mountains.

Jacque and I teamed up to bring to life the experience we wish we had when becoming a woman. This is often marked socially by our first bleeding, menarche, and the surge of hormones that shift us into new stages of development.

Most of us were never talked to about what it meant to become a woman, never understood the changes taking place inside our personal homes. Worse, most of the key pieces were completely disregarded. The fact that we bleed. The fact that we're cyclic. The fact that we're incredible at transmuting things from one thing into another. So much misinformation, as well as a lack of understanding and truth about it* all together.

*It refers to the full body experiences that we as women, have. Directly related to our wombs of creation, we must reunite with our sources of power and this begins with the place we were told to keep locked up, only for the pleasure of another, completely disregarding a personal relationship with ourselves at our deepest level.

Jacque and I have directly experienced the transitions that occur when you place her at the center. When you begin to recognize you're worthy of being honored, adored and celebrated, everything that follows after must change. You are no longer accepting the shame stories, the fear and the disrespect that has gone stuffed under the rug over your lifetime.

There is no more time to believe in the shame of who you are. There is no more time to believe in the fear of who you are. There is no more time to believe anyone else about who you are.

Reclaim yourself by understanding yourself.

Reclaim her by understanding her.

Reclaim liberation because it is meant for you.

Look to your roots and build up.

Foundation first, the sky scrapers will follow.

I believe in you.