Everyday Art

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"To grow up, we build an ego that sets boundaries between the self inside and the world outside. And society initiates us into a world ruled by laws, structure, obedience, and duty, gradually replacing the ecstatic mind of childhood with the rigid and conventional mind of adulthood. As this ego takes on a life and personality of its own, it controls and directs our attention, limiting our vision to matters of fear, hope, and survival, and cutting us off from the freedom and joy we knew as children. Its constant chatter, judgments, and interpretations filter out much that is essential to our wholeness, separating us from ourselves and the world of others in which we live.

After a while, every spontaneous impulse, every natural urge to express a feeling or an emotion, must struggle through a labyrinth of socially conditioned responses. We become "educated," but in the process we lose our true self, our "original face." We fix our awareness in the "everyday world" and lose touch with a deeper dimension of life.

As the daily assault of modern life wears us down, more and more of us long for healing, for new ways to connect with our Spirit, to feel joy in our lives."

- Margot Anand