Yoga is the practice of bringing oneself back to life.
Returning to wholeness.
Experiencing every moment fully,
one engaged breath at a time.

I am currently focusing on 1:1 creative healing sessions.

Sessions range from 1 to 2 hours and are personalized to each individual.

Contact me directly at to book an experience.

I completed my 200-hour teaching certification under Noell Clark in Alignment-based Vinyasa. I facilitate sessions the way yoga taught me, with grace, courage and a deep introspective lens.

This practice has transformed my life and the way I serve community, uniting the heart, body and mind with healing breath and celebratory joy.

My company, Sister Roots, combines the 8 limbs of yoga, improv and creative expression in empowering women to share who they truly are with the world.

What I want to share most: life is short and doesn’t have to be so serious. By leading workshops with a sense of play, I fill the room with energy, very aware that this time together is precious and can change the way we live our lives.