I'm Heather Rose Goodman and I am a catalyst for intentional conversation, powerful connection and positive change.

Inspired by an incredible fascination of the self and the whole, I'm interested in what brings you to life and how to make that magic place your home base. I want to wake you up to the beauty and the wonder that surrounds you, the capabilities you possess within, and the transformation that takes place when we share who we are with the world.

I will only ask of you what I ask of myself, probing questions of purpose and depth, of uncovering and shared humanity, confident that with curiosity leading the way, everyday is a potential miracle just waiting to be realized.

I believe what we desperately need is the ability, and the genuine desire, to enter into challenging conversations and to stay engaged and thoughtful among expressed difference and fluctuating tension. To do so with humility, compassion and openness, aware of the growth that takes place when we listen and lead with love as our common denominator.

Intentional conversation takes root inside of us, inspires us to dream and spreads light to all who experience it.

What kinds of conversations are you having?
What are you saying?
Do you know why you're saying it?

When they speak, what are they saying?
Are you listening with ears of past or presence?
Of what you’ve learned it to be or what it could be?

Join in on the conversations I'm having here.
See if they move you, see if they challenge or upset what's comfortable, what's expected, and see what happens when you stay open to unlimited possibility.